LEVEL +4/+5 PROGRAMMSc International Sustainable Business Development

A level +4/+5 program: National and international project management for organizations - Professional certification (RNCP) 34350 – Level 7
Campus Lyon, Paris

3A promotes a responsible comprehension of the development of international projects. The new initiatives must surpass neo-colonial relationships with miserable images and paternalistic attitudes that are widespread between the West and the rest of the world.


  • Strengthen theoretical knowledge and practical know-how in order to innovate in the fields of ethical and international development
  • Develop international activities with geopolitical and cultural challenges
  • Be able to identify an international opportunity and choose a business development strategy
  • Be able to work with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams
  • Systematically take into account the needs of local populations to build sustainable development projects

Skills block 

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MSc Highlights 

The only program taught entirely in English on French campuses
The acquisition of multilingual skills
A very international and multicultural orientation

Choice of a training course in level +4
The initial course: initial training followed by an end-of-year internship for a period of 4 to 6 months.
The work-study program: professional experience in a company or an NGO.
The level +5 year takes place at an alternating pace.

In 5th years, choice of the specialization International Sustainable Business Development:

  • Subject Areas
    Anthropology of development – Geopolitics and development – Import and export logistics – International team manager – International alternative development …
  • Example of career paths after specialization
    Export manager – International marketing manager – International development manager – International purchasing manager – CSR adviser

The master’s thesis includes operational recommendations for the development of projects or activities with an international scope. It must also show the impact on the strategic development of the organization.


A level +4/+5 program: National and international project management for organizations – Professional certification (RNCP 34350, code NSF 310) – Level 7 


Candidates with a validated Bac+3

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